Guilty Pleasure of the Day – French Cafe Fare in Singapore

photo by bookjunkie

Country rye bread toasted with Parma ham and Comté cheese, mesclun salad

(I preferred the one I had at another cafe at Demsey Hill. A pity I didn’t take a picture as it was conducive with the cafe very well lit with large clear window panels.  The place is Culina. I found one of the service staff a little snooty, and the pricing a tad expensive ($19 singapore dollars), but the smoky parma ham made me ignore the snootiness.)

photo by bookjunkie

Minute of beef rump steak served with shallots confit and french fries
(I don’t eat beef, but I pinched some of the thin french fries which were wonderfully warm, crisp and savoury)

photo by bookjunkie

Catch of the day with spinach purée, baked potato and parsley, Niçoise vinaigrette
(The cod was very fresh with a light buttery taste. It was complemented by the fluffy whipped potato with drizzled spinach)

photo by bookjunkie

Meringue filled with home-made sorbet and topped with fresh fruits

(so pretty, but a little too much for a sugar rush for me)

photo by bookjunkie

Passion fruit Blanc manger
(I pinched some of this lovely milk pudding dessert)

photo by bookjunkie

Illy brewed coffee, the perfect way to end a meal, although espresso with full creme would be best.

photo by bookjunkie

Bistro Petit Salut

photo by bookjunkie

The view from the outside of this unpretentious cosy bistro where we found the service is warm and attentive.  If you’re a book junkie like me you could sit on the outside which is tented and read a book while having a coffee.

This was a guilty pleasure as the bill came to $59. Also guilt inducing to have a partner who hates his job, slogs hard all week and splurges his hard earned salary on good meals (but it’s great to be a partaker). I used to indulge that way too. It’s so stressful working in Singapore, especially if you have a nasty work environment. Most of us tend to not mind parting with some money if it’s good therapy. I guess the meal will not be considered expensive to Europeans, Americans or Londoners but here where you can get a hawker meal for $3, it is pretty expensive.

If you happen to be at the expatriate hotpot ‘Holland Village’ in Singapore and feel like trying some french fare, you could pop over here:

44 Jln Merah Saga
Singapore 278116
T: 6474 9788


I decided to post details like addresses of places I visit just in case anyone out there needs it. I trawl the food blogs too for impartial non commercially induced reviews, so that I don’t waste money or calories on crappy food and bad service.

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2 Responses to Guilty Pleasure of the Day – French Cafe Fare in Singapore

  1. ThinkPink says:

    $59 for a three course meal for 2 is reallyyyy cheap for Australian standards too!!!! A simple takeway salad for lunch here cost about AUD$14.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    yeah the most expensive meal I had was in London where fish and chips at a restaurant cost S$60 for one person and that was ten years ago.

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