#9. Air-conditioned Bus Terminals

photo by bookjunkie

The best thing done for public transportation is air-conditioned bus terminals like the one in Toa Payoh.  You’re protected from the sun and rain.  Even more fabulous is that they are connected to malls as well as our subway system. This is a great reason to be happy, because in the dark ages I used to take the public bus from school and none of the buses had  air-conditioning then. We’ve definitely come a long way.

Also these days the bus drivers are so nice and they greet you with a smile.  Long gone as the days of grouchy bus drivers who used to yell at passengers when they didn’t have the right change.  We don’t even need the exact amount of coins anymore with the electronic card system.  I didn’t consciously appreciate this till I thought about this and recalled how much harder it used to be. I guess some things we take for granted. Although there was a kind of nostalgia in counting your coins out for the bus fare and dumping them  down the slot.

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