Is Fancy Yoghurt Another Fad?

I like my yoghurt best with rice, dhal and curry. I like it made with full fat milk, runny, curd like and sour as heck and not in any way resembling ice-cream. I also love lassi, the sweetened north indian drink made with spices, milk and yoghurt. I don’t go for the fancy yoghurt outlets that have recently popped up all over the island. I wonder if this is a fad like we first had with the Taiwanese bubble tea joints and when that was done, the mini donut chains.

B however had developed a recent fancy frozen yoghurt addiction so I thought I’d post a picture of this yoghurt that resembles soft ice cream. His top pick is the chain called Yoguru where the yoghurt has less sugar content and more of a sourish taste, but I don’t have a photo of that.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

Another thing I noticed is that this chain, aptly named Frolick only hires young skinny and cute girls. I guess that’s their strategy for drawing in the teenaged boys and it seems to be working.

I’m not sure what brand Britney Spears is snacking on, but I noticed that in the US there’s this chain called Pinkberry, backed by the Starbucks creator, that’s becoming really popular with celebrities. I wonder when this brand will reach our shores, since everyone’s into yoghurt and yoga these days. Even if it does come, I will stick to my simple curd and rice.

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