Steve Jobs is Gonna Chew Some People Up After the iPhone 4 Demo Fail

This is a problem most iPhone users encounter from time to time. Not being able to get onto the wi-fi network because it’s overloaded with too many users. At the latest iPhone launch today, as a result of all the reporters with their laptops on wi-fi Steve Jobs couldn’t get his iPhone 4 connected. It was a really uncomfortable moment to watch because you could clearly see his embarrassment and displeasure. He is after all the master presenter – no doubt.

After his “Well Geez, I don’t like this”, all I could think of was I wouldn’t want to be any of the poor employees backstage, who were probably panicking like crazy and shivering in their shoes. I don’t think Steve Jobs takes well to being embarrassed this way. This is the first time a Steve Jobs presentation hasn’t gone on like clockwork, so I think heads are gonna roll. I heard rumours that employees are terrified of Steve Jobs but they all love the other Steve who is the genuinely nice guy? Can anyone out there who used to work for Apple confirm this? Anyway no one can deny that Jobs is a Marketing genius and visionary.


There’s a fabulous post here by Bill Barol – Around the World of Steve Jobs in Three Minutes Flat

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