#39. A Little Magazine Called 8 Days

I love this magazine and I hope it sticks to it’s $2 Singapore dollar price.

photo by bookjunkie

These are all the things I love about this little Singapore TV Guide, which is a lot more than a TV guide:

1. Only $2
2. Witty, Raunchy, Irreverent Writing
3. Great Tips on New Food Places,
4. Movie Reviews so I Don’t Waste Money Watching Crappy Movies – They Usually Get it Right
5. Local Celebrity Gossip – Sometimes It Gets Interesting and Trashy the Way I Like It

photo by bookjunkie

In this week’s issue there’s a great post about Michael Jackson that made me a little sad. It’s how his estate made 47 times the amount of what he made in his last year of life. It’s tragic that he doesn’t get to see what a phenomenon he really was after all the negative media in his last years of life. His children would rather have their Daddy back then all that money. They are now in the media quite a bit and don’t seem as protected as they were before, which may not be a good thing.

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