Searching for the Perfect Reading Chair

I wish chairs like these came with Ikea price-tags. I am searching for the perfect most comfy reading chair that won’t give you a backache after hours of sitting, and costs less than $200 Singapore dollars. Oh yeah, it can’t be too bulky either or it won’t fit in my bedroom. Yup I know that’s a tall order, but I will savour the search and I least I can blog about it for a while:

I love this bright vermillion orange Ikea Poang armchair and at least the cover is machine washable although I don’t like cloth furniture. If I get sick of the colour I can always change it later. The cushion costs $70 Singapore dollars and the frame costs $89 and the footstool cushion costs $20 while the footstool frame costs $49. A total of 228 bucks.

And these are some other chairs I covet and I don’t think are available on this tiny island:

This is the most beautiful shabby chic chair I have ever seen. I would love a restored version of it but I am betting this is probably French Vintage and like a one piece kind of thing.

From a house in Denmark on Ikea Live. This chair just looks for comfy and easy to wipe down.

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