Why I Love The Shaytards Vlog

Out of all the crap on YouTube there are some gems.  One of them is the Shaytard Family where the father Shay Carl invites you into the life of his family. It’s a bit like the reality show, Jon and Kate plus 8, but more raw and definitely more positive because the parents have a loving relationship.  Also Shay holds the video camera as he speaks.  There is no external network involved or professional crew filming the shots.  He’s also a naturally charismatic and funny guy.  The mum is a little dorky but that’s her charm and she’s incredibly sweet and patient.  Because Shay has a beard and 4 kids, I thought he was a lot older, but he’s only 30.

Here’s an old video that’s a real good one with babytard starting potty training, Princesstard explains that she has to say potty power. The girls are so cute in this video.


What Shaycarl looked like before the beard.  I think babytard looks alot like Mummytard, and Princesstard and Sontard look like Shay.  Does anyone else see the resemblance?

I like this family because they are so positive and they have the cutest little toddler they call Babytard who has a fanbase of her very own.  All the kids are called nicknames ending with tard, like sontard, princesstard and babytard.  Even the mum is called mummytard.  It could be obnoxious, but it’s actually pretty cute and the family grows on you.  The kids are a huge draw! Sontard is very sweet especially with his baby brother Rocktard. Princesstard oozes charisma like her dad and babytard is a cutie patootie with the sweetest smile ever.


Don’t know if anyone out there in the WordPress Blogosphere family is a fan, but I am liking their positivity a lot.  They are always so cheerful and I think that comes from the parents.  Positivity breeds positivity and vice versa.  Here is their latest video. It’s better if you leave the video to load for a while because it’s usually about 15 minutes long and that way you can forward the slow bits.  I always like the parts where the kids are being cute.



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  9. cass131 says:

    Stumbled upon this while googling Shaytard stuff – I absolutely love them! Watch them everyday 🙂 Really enjoyed this blog on them!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Hey Cass…thanks for dropping by. So glad I am not the only fan. It’s so addictive and I even go back to watch the older episodes when the kids are little. They are sooooo adorable 🙂 Makes you wish they keep vlogging forever, so you can see the kids as they grow up. I am sure they will be big stars 🙂

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