Angelina Jolie’s Kids Not Impressed By Salt Movie Trailer

Angelina Jolie brought her four eldest kids with her for the Cancun promotional tour for her new Thriller ‘Salt’.

There are loads more pictures at Pop Sugar.

I thought the reactions of Maddox, Zahara, Pax and Shiloh, who saw their mum in the Salt trailer for the first time was cute:

“Shiloh wanted me to get my hair cut short”

“Half of them were uninterested,”

“Pax got upset because someone was trying to hurt his mom. He saw [my] feet wrapped and he got mad. But then I explained to him that I’m fine.”

“They’re very confused, to be honest. I think they don’t quite know what to think. Even the change of hair color is confusing for them”

Meanwhile snooty fashion critics are mocking Angelina’s description of Shiloh’s style as Montenegro. I think she might have been referring to LA band Monte Negro, described as Latin Alternative Rockers? Shiloh’s fashion seems similar.

Shiloh is very cute, not matter what style she choses. I think she looks like her dad – she’s like a mini Brad Pitt. Zahara is a real cutie too. I love this picture of them holding hands.

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