Lindsay Lohan’s Sentencing, Parents and Unexpectedly Great Handwriting

Here’s a fuller video from the one I posted earlier which shows the judge who Lindsay and her mother think have been unfair.


When you watch her father Michael Lohan at an interview immediately after the judgement you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her.


Her mother Dina Lohan seems pretty delusional too, who also did a post court interview. You can’t help but feel she wouldn’t have been in this situation if she had been given proper guidance. The fact that she defiantly put the four-letter salute on her finger shows that she is pretty mis-guided into not knowing that could mean contempt of court, although in her twitter she claimed it was just a joke and not meant for court. It seems like a bit of a lame excuse to me. This was her exact twitter message:

“had nothing to do w/court. It’s an airbrush design from a stencil xx.”

{Image: Gawker}

Meanwhile Lindsay has more trouble as her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, just quit. Perhaps she realizes that the expletive finger nail message could land Lindsay even more jail time, if her judge is angered enough.

At the Lynwood prison facility, makeup, hair extensions and cigarettes are not allowed.

Another thing that has come out of the hearing is Lohan’s remarkably neat penmenship, as she took notes during the hearing.  It’s interesting to me because it’s in total discordance to her general messy image. Perhaps there is an intelligent, in control girl underneath it all?  I have to admit the diagonal writing across the lines bother the OCD part of me.

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