Dining at Tanglin Village: Demsey, Minden and Loewen

I keep calling this place Dempsey Village, but it’s actually called Tanglin Village and it is divided into 3 clusters – Demsey, Minden and Loewen.  It is my favourite place because it is so green.  It was a former  army barracks where young boys has their first experience of being drafted into the Singapore armed forces.  The old colonial structures with their red roofs and cement floors remain, but with major spoofing up of the facade and interiors.

These are the Food & Beverage outlets at mostly at the Dempsey Cluster with a few at the Minden Cluster.  Some of them I’ve tried, but most I want to try, one day.  The Muthu’s Flavours looks pretty impressive from the outside and Muthu’s is known for having really good fried and mysore mutton.

photo by bookjunkie

I loved Culina for it’s French Cafe food and cosy ambience, but unfortunately I didn’t take any photos that time.

photo by bookjunkie

I’ll do fuller posts on Ben & Jerry’s as well as Jones the Grocer soon.

Blk 7
– The Muthu’s Flavors
– Bacchus – German Finest Wine Cellar in Singapore
– Grand Hong Kong
– Pamplemousse Bistro + Bar
– Culina Pte Ltd
– Ben & Jerry

Blk 9
– La Forketta
– Red Sea Gallery
– Jones The Grocer
– The Prime Society
– Ras The Essence of India
– Rakuichi Japanese Rest

Blk 13, 13A
– Hacienda Concepts

Blk 18 Dempsey Road
– Hubers Butchery
– Zento – Contemporary Japanese Cuisine
– Chang BBQ

Blk 22 Dempsey Road
– Oosh

Blk 25
– Samy’s Curry (DEMPSEY) Pte Ltd
– Long Beach Marina Pte Ltd
– La Fondue

Blk 25A
– Reddot Brewhouse

Blk 26B
– Imperial Chai

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

Saw workers dangerously perched on the roof.

photo by bookjunkie

The Minden Cluster has fewer restaurants but they are more exclusive:

I checked out White Rabbit with my relative for her wedding, which looks beautiful on the inside as it is a converted cathedral with lovely stained glass.  In the end she didn’t go with this place as it was just too expensive for the large number of guests she was expecting.

P S Cafe is lovely too, but I hope the attitude improves as I have seen quite a number of negative comments on the web. We have relatively been treated ok, but I don’t like places that are snooty on purpose.

photo by bookjunkie

Food & Beverage
Blk 28B
– PS Café
Blk 39C
– White Rabbit
Blk 40C
– Au Petit Salut
Blk 45
– Jim Thompson

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