Paul the Octopus Spooks Me: Spain Won the World Cup 2010

Paul the Octopus was 100% correct.  Who would have thought?  It’s kinda spooky. What is the probability I wonder.  Anyway these were the most interesting pictures from a game that was boring at the beginning with loads of yellow cards spicing it up, plus a foot to the chest – ouch! Some of the expressions caught on camera are oh so funny.  Soccer players are so dramatic, they make the game fun for me to watch.  But all that spitting – ewwww!

And this Paraguayan model, Larissa Riquelme promises to run nude through the streets of Paraguay, to celebrate her Paraguayan team which did not make it to the final. Hmmm…is that an iphone?

Throughout the matches some estrogen was needed to balance off all that testosterone on the field.  Some of these fans really know how to add sugar and spice to the game.  The USA fan caught my eye as she looks like the lost twin of amazing blogger Sunshine and Starlight.

{Images: Huffington Post}

I must admit I was a bit shocked by the 58 year old Netherlands coach whom I thought was the most fashionably dressed with his black scarf and grey suit.  I thought it was a bit rude for him to immediately remove the silver medal once he got it and was walking down the podium. Was he fed up with himself?  Or was it a case of sour grapes.  I’ll be looking out for what he says when asked about his reaction. Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk is definitely an interesting character who just added to the drama of the World Cup 2010 Finals.

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4 Responses to Paul the Octopus Spooks Me: Spain Won the World Cup 2010

  1. this was a realy nice match =) Glad spain won! Think they played best

  2. Wow! Didn’t know the time difference made you stay awake to see the game. Goodness gracious. You must have loved the extra 30 minutes added on at the end when it was zero~zero.

    We enjoyed the game. I relax watching it. For some reason I just zone out. Love how graceful and fast the players are.


    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah Julie….when the commentator was saying the game might go past midnight and that it would be past his bedtime…it was 4am in Singapore. I kind of zone out too…but I am amazed by how fast the players can run. I love the drama of the yellow cards etc. In Singapore most males, from little kids to grandpas, are crazy about soccer. I think we probably have the most ardent soccer fans in the world. Most of them support the English premier league and either Manchester United or Liverpool….Arsenal as well. Quite alot of female fans too. I only watch when the world cup rolls around.

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