Boys and Their Toys: The iPad Frenzy in Singapore

The apple authorized dealer at Parkway Parade told us told us there were people queuing outside the store since 7am.  The store only opened at 10am!  I think it’s crazy and it’s something I wouldn’t do. I’m not patient enough to queue but I am patient enough to wait a couple of months for a second chance to buy it. B went at lunchtime and found all the 64gb ones sold out, so he got a 16gb one with 3g and wifi that cost $928 Singapore dollars.

I wasn’t very enthused about it, but I must admit once I saw it I thought – wow! it’s pretty.  I would buy it if it cost like S$300 or less, but I don’t think Steve Jobs will ever go that low considering how crazy people are about his products all over the world.  I think most stores found their iPads sold out by lunchtime.  The Straits Times reported that people came all the way from Malaysia and China to buy the phone, so I’m not exaggerating about the frenzy.

The device feels heavier than I expected but it sure is lovely to look at.  Somehow apple products feel feminine to me with their beautiful, sleek, supercool design and idiot proof functionality (something I definitely need). The thing is you have to set it up by synching it with your iTunes first.  I may be good with software, but I am not too interested when it comes to hardware.  Hardware is harder for me to wrap my head around.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

Read more about the Asia product launch hype and the ardent Singapore Apple fans.

Housewife Carol Kwang, who was in pole position to clinch two units of the priciest model — the 64 gigabyte unit with Wi Fi and 3G mobile capability — said the purchase was a treat for herself and her daughter. “My daughter said if you don’t come, I’ll skip school and come buy!” she told AFP after queuing from 6:00 am, four hours before the shop opened.

29-year-old retail executive Roy Tan was the first in the queue at an Apple reseller outlet in Somerset. He took half a day off from work and was there at 6am. By 9.30am, the queue had snaked outside the shopping centre.

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