Angelina Jolie is Stunning in Red

Angelina Jolie is just so beautiful. She truly takes your breath away in red and it shows that she should occasionally do away with her usual blacks in favour of colour. The Photo is from her promotion of her latest movie Salt in Russia.  As usual Michael K of D-listed manages to find a really funny angle to the story of how we have to talk black off the ledge because Angelina is wearing colour now and how Angie is just window shopping for a new kid – as usual hilarious!

From a side angle, Angelina Jolie looks reed thin. I can’t imagine how she does all those stunts. Her face is stunning as usual, but I can’t imagine that 3 babies came out of her. She’s either naturally thin, starving, burning all those calories looking after her 6 kids or a combination of all of these. Personally I think her body looked better when it was healthier looking and more curvy. My guess is she is naturally thin, as her brother James Haven is pretty skinny too.  Her body shape seems like that of most models – a naturally thin ectomorph – as she doesn’t have much of a waist.  You can see more stunning photos of the beauty at Just Jared.

I wake up. I’ve got four kids in bed with me and Brad is on the phone and with the twins. I just don’t get any solitude – most people with kids don’t. Sometimes you get a bath or a shower but usually somebody is trying to get in. You get used to it.

She does look amazing in red and it’s nice to see that she’s sweet to her young fans. See more pictures of red hot Jolie at UK Tabloid, Mail Online.

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4 Responses to Angelina Jolie is Stunning in Red

  1. Kirsten says:

    She definitely needs to put on weight, and she’ll look much better! When I saw her in Wanted I had such a shock, she looked so thin, old and ill!

  2. cheneetot08 says:

    I agree. She really need to gain much weight. But she’s really beautiful

  3. Camilla says:

    Nope, she’s a mesomorph. When mesomorphs lose lots of weight they look like they have athletic anorexia = Angie.

    Look at pics of young Angelina. Mesomorphs gain weight easily and lose it easily.

    She’s a meso 😀

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