Rare Black and White Twins

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I’m an intrigued by twins and even more intrigued by the genetics of rare twins. There are fraternal twins in my family who look very different and that’s pretty fascinating too. It’s interesting to see how twins can have such different personalities and looks.

They look like friends who met at nursery school but Kaydon and Layton Richardson are in fact twin brothers with different-coloured skin.

The boys have celebrated their fourth birthday in the same week black parents Ben and Angela Ihegboro revealed their white daughter Nmachi to the world.

The genetic quirks make the children ‘two-in-a-million’ rarities that have fascinated doctors.

Read more at UK’s Daily Mail.

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6 Responses to Rare Black and White Twins

  1. thinkpinktoo says:

    Its kinda like R & S, they have completely different personalities, one has curly hair and the other straight and one is now a full head taller then his brother. Its hard to imagin they are twins.

  2. Aaron says:

    Really interesting this ,so cute!

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