Marche at VivoCity’s Rooftop Terrace: Pretty Display, But Disappointing Meal This Time

The Marche at VivoCity’s rooftop terrace is perpetually filled with diners, with a high proportion of families. This place seems to be very kid friendly. I used to be more impressed, but the quality of the service was not as polite or warm as it used to be, when the Swiss management was around. The food servers speak to you very abruptly. The quality of the meal we had also disappointed as we had expected the high standards we used to get.

The food is presentation is pretty, but my friend’s rosti was too oily. He revealed that his meal was loaded with too much butter. I usually wouldn’t complain about too much butter, but he said that it marred the taste. My Movenpick ice cream with crepe was good, but I regretted allowing them to put the chocolate sauce over it. The warmed up chocolate sauce just tasted really off somehow to me. The crepe used to come with custard filling but now you only have the option to add cheese filling, so I went with the plain version. Well maybe we just picked the wrong items. I have had excellent hot cross buns, mushroom soup and cheese filled hotdogs during my previous visits to other branches, so I’ll definitely give it another shot. Ordering the wrong items is an expensive mistake as these are the prices in Singapore dollars:

1 Plain Crepe = $5.50
2 Scoops of Ice cream = $8.90
1 Plain Roesti = $5.50
1 Veal Sausage = $6.90
with GST or the goods services tax, the bill came to S$28.70
on the receipt is says cheerily in Swiss and English: Of Weder Luege/ See you soon again….and they probably will.

The Swiss decor is as lovely as ever, with the cheery painted wooden cows inviting you from the outside. The exterior is glass which allows in natural light and the interior is filled with light woods. The display of the pastries and food at the different stalls is the best in Singapore. There used to be a copycat restaurant called Village which in my opinion was a terrible imitation of Marche. They have since close operations. I think it never really pays to copy someone to such a full extent – they even had their own cows!

I love the table reservation signs at this place with their cow motif. Maybe we should have this at foodcourts instead of the unsightly tissue packets that office people use. But then again people might just ignore the signs, but somehow tissue packets and umbrellas can’t seem to be ignored. These days even expats have caught on, and I saw a guy reserving a few seats with his umbrella! I originally thought that a Singaporean had placed an umbrella there, but realised it was him when his friends soon joined him and he removed the choping (pronounced cho-ping and was used in primary school to usually mean reserving a seat) device.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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photo by bookjunkie

Marche Singapore
Vivocity #03-14
Singapore 098585

Tel: 6376 8226

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2 Responses to Marche at VivoCity’s Rooftop Terrace: Pretty Display, But Disappointing Meal This Time

  1. marchesingapore says:

    Dear Bookjunkie,

    Thanks for visiting us at Marché Vivocity and thanks for your constructive comments and support. Our Food Team have already looked into the rösti issue and made the necessary adjustments. We pride ourselves on our friendliness service and were disappointed that it was not showing when you visited. Our Restaurant Manager will address this with the whole Team.

    Thanks again for your feedback and we look forward to welcoming you back to Marché at either Vivo City or our new restaurant at 313@Somerset.

    With Marketfresh Marché regards,
    Singapore Guest Service Department

    • bookjunkie says:

      Hi Andrew…..I was so pleasantly surprised to see your note. Hope I don’t get anyone in too much trouble.

      To have that great old warm and friendly service – that would be incredible! 🙂 It’s great to see that Marche really pays attention to quality. To be fair I have had great experiences in my past visits.

      Thanks again for your note!! 🙂

      P.S. My partner who had the Rosti meal also wanted to ask if the Veal Sausage was supposed to be sourish….he kinda suspected that it wasn’t fresh that day.

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