I Actually Found This Cute – Litter Munchers in Singapore

To curb littering by the young, the government has come up with a campaign and it’s shockingly cute and not lame. I would love to spot a garbage bin pimped out like this. The funniest bit is when I went to the website these monsters actually tell you how much of a fine you will get. It’s hilarious and sure lives up to our cliched reputation as a ‘fine’ city.

I guess they have to pull out all the stops after the findings of this survery of school kids who are not bothered about littering.

In a one-year sociological study by NEA which interviewed 1,500 students, 69 per cent admitted to littering and 23 per cent even said nothing will stop them from littering.

These youths also played down the impact of littering on the environment with some reasoning that littering provides cleaners with jobs.

In addition, the study showed that more than 78 per cent of those aged 17 and above expect the Government to be responsible for keeping public areas clean.

More at The Straits Times.

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2 Responses to I Actually Found This Cute – Litter Munchers in Singapore

  1. 365days2play says:

    Munster Muncher looks like Sponge Bob!
    I wonder why kids manage to convince themselves they are doing a good deed by “providing cleaners with jobs”. When I was relief teaching in a primary school once, I asked the class of 11 year olds to debate about whether there should be streaming in schools. Most of them agreed there should be the EM3 Stream so that there would be enough cleaners for Singapore!! Is this just innocent thinking from children, or does this reflect what adults think too, just that only the children are innocent enough to voice it.

    • bookjunkie says:

      That’s just terrible. I have always thought that children are a reflection of their parents. Real bad parenting. No wonder there is no filial piety which is supposed to be a natural thing that grows from love, and cannot be taught.

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