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Former Miss Singapore Ris Low is Back With a YOG Cheer

Gosh I wanted to like it, but I have to admit it’s as cringeworthy as reported in the Yahoo Singapore News. Ris Low enters a contest submitting a video cheer for the Youth Olympics 2010 (YOG) in Singapore. It’s seems … Continue reading

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A Bad Day For a 4 Year Old

We’ve all had our bad days and predicaments as adults and often long for our carefree childhood days, but we forget that kids have bad days too.  Here is 4 year old Geoffrey whose day at the zoo was ruined … Continue reading

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Jessica Biel Looking Really Feminine and Soft

I’ve always thought Jessica Biel works out too much and has become too muscular. Somehow I think woman look better when they’re softer. But here she looks really pretty and the most feminine I have seen her in a while. … Continue reading

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Prettiest Celeb Baby Stella Luna

It’s a pity we can’t see her face. 40 year old Ellen Pompeo’s baby Stella Luna is one of the cutest, prettiest tots around.  Chubby baby legs and arms always get me.  I don’t think guys will get it.  She … Continue reading

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I Actually Found This Cute – Litter Munchers in Singapore

To curb littering by the young, the government has come up with a campaign and it’s shockingly cute and not lame. I would love to spot a garbage bin pimped out like this. The funniest bit is when I went … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Singapore Ads Be Cool Like This One With Rhys Darby

This may be old to most, but it’s brand new to me.  I love Flight of the Conchords and Rhys Darby who is so excellent in it.  So here he is in a Nike Tennis Commercial.  When it comes to … Continue reading

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Culture Shock: Singapore Expat Bloggers Give Great Insights

I love reading blogs by expatriates in Singapore. They give me new insights and perspectives.  They also scoop out interesting tidbits I have overlooked. All of the guidebooks and expat guides to moving to Singapore mention a particular local custom. … Continue reading

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