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This is the latest on the ‘We Like Singapore’ website. I can relate to the first and last one on the list.

We like the safety in singapore. We like Being able to get the iPhone and iPad officially ahead of some. We like put tissue packs to “chope” seats. We like farewell BBQ for our colleague. We like kopi siew tai.. We like to say ‘CAN’. We like to go OoOoOoO when watching the Red Lions make their entry. We like to complain about the YOG song. We like to make Singapore better for our next generation. We like all of us to stand on one side of the escalator. We like Singapore much more after we come back from other countries.

I just learnt today that kopi siew tai means coffee, less sweet. That’s good to know.

Happy National Day, and see you in a week. Am off to India.

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  1. kierstens says:

    Heyyy have a great time in India!! And take lots of pictures!

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