Tomorrow We’ll Know Who’s Crowned Miss Universe 2010

For now here are some pictures and I must say Singapore’s Tania Lim looks pretty good.  Kudos to her because she did have a lot of detractors when she won in Singapore. She has nice eyes, but perhaps she should have stuck with her original teeth. The veneers seem a bit too big and overwhelming for her face. It’s sad that she’s currently the lowest ranked on the Miss Universe website and I don’t think she’s that bad.

{Getty Image}

Miss Philippines, Venus Raj, looks gorgeous and I do hope she’s as popular with the judges as she is with the online voters who have ranked her numero uno.  When she speaks you notice that she has quite a bit of an overbite, but I think that’s cute.  Beauties who are too perfect don’t appeal to me.  I think there’s greater beauty in imperfection and uniqueness.

Venus is aptly named and I hope she wins for Asia.

{Getty Image}

{Image: Adventures of a Beauty Queen}

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