Even With Fugly Shoes Jessica Alba Looks Gorgeous

Jessica Alba has been getting slammed for the dress and shoes she wore to the David Letterman show. I agree that the velvet shoes are hideous and the print on the dress awful, but think she can pull off anything with her envious figure. I think she definitely has the best body in Hollywood.

{Image: A Socialite’s Life}


Since she did the horrific movie with Kate Huson and Casey Affleck, ‘The Killer Inside Me’ her star seems to be shining. It was probably to prove that she can be a serious actress. I think it worked because her next movie, Machete, is with Robert De Niro:

“When I found out I was doing a movie with Robert De Niro and I totally got like blank in my mind, lost all of my lines, I stuttered, I freaked out and I broke into a sweat,”

“And then Robert sat me down and said, ‘You’re going to be fine’, and it was awesome.”

Jessica Alba recently rescued her co-star, Kate Hudson, when a gust of wind threatened her modesty. I just love seeing women sticking up for each other. It’s sweet! They look like they really bonded over that difficult movie. See all the photos at The Daily Mail.

{Image: Daily Mail}

{Image: Daily Mail}

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  1. I like the style of the dress but you’re right, the print ruins it. And I think the shoes speak for themselves ..

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