Lea Michele and Mad Men’s Ladies Look Beautiful in Their Emmy Gowns

Even though I missed the Emmys I like catching up with what they wore online.  Lea Michele of Glee looked really age appropriate and cute in her Oscar De La Rente gown. I can’t imagine that this beautiful Glee actress who just turned 24, was once told she was not pretty enough for roles.

“I was always told I was too ethnic or not pretty enough or too much this or not enough of that,”

{Image: Zimbio}

The women of Mad Men looked radiant too, especially littlest lady, Kiernan Shipka. I think she is appropriately dressed for a 10 year old, which is good to see. As usual Michael K, of D-Listed, has a hilarious take on Christina Hendricks’ goddess like body.

{Image: D-listed}

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