Jessica Alba About Race in Hollywood

Jessica Alba, who turned 29 in April this year, gave an interesting interview in Elle Magazine in 2008 about the issue of ethnicity in Hollywood. Incidentally I never understood why she always got so much flack when she was just being honest.

“Nobody really knew what to do with me,” she says. “Everyone wants to categorize you and pigeonhole you. I’m half Latin, but I grew up in the States, and I can’t get roles playing a Latina because I don’t speak Spanish. And I didn’t want to be the best friend, or the promiscuous girl, or the maid, because those stereotypes still exist with Latin roles. I wanted to be a leading lady. And I thought that because I have brown skin shouldn’t make any difference. Why should only Aryan-looking girls be that girl?”

Really, I say, has your skin color hindered you that much?

Alba shoots me an exasperated look. “How many leading leadies are you aware of?” she says. “Lindsay Lohan, Kate Bosworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jessical Biel, Rachel McAdams. We have Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, me, and who else?”

Uh, Eva Mendes?

“Mendes,” she says flatly. “But is Mendes greenlighting movies?”

Her face has a very universal appeal and she’s a mix of several ethnicities. According to this fan site she’s Danish and French on her mother’s side and Mexican, Indian (I am guessing they mean Native American and not India Indian?) and Spanish on her father’s side.

{images: Daily Mirror}

Jessica Alba has a face that meets the golden ratio according to scientists and she has the most average face proportions. Who knew that average was beautiful. Read more at the Daily Mirror.

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  1. 365days2play says:

    Man, if she thinks she got the short end of the stick, then everyone else should just commit suicide.

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