Jessica Alba’s Diet Secrets

Her only vice is cheese.  But this is her secret – she doesn’t eat processed or fast food. Oh no, I think all I eat is processed and fast food.

“I try to work out as much as I can. But the biggest change in my body came when I stopped eating processed food. I don’t eat fast food or anything that’s packaged or loaded with salt and preservatives. I eat as many organic and fresh foods as possible. I don’t cut out cheese, I don’t cut out carbs, I just eat fresh foods. It’s made a huge difference in how I look and how I feel.”

Her breakfast has carbs which is oatmeal. She also has turkey bacon and egg whites. For lunch it’s fish with a small salad and for dinner it’s chicken breast with brown rice. Jessica snacks on fruit, almonds or cheese.

{Image: Zimbio}

I think her shoes are cute in this picture and she even looks great in casual wear and a shot by the paparazzi.

{Image: Zimbio}

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2 Responses to Jessica Alba’s Diet Secrets

  1. Her diet sounds very doable for anyone.
    And it obviously works, she’s gorgeous.

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