Celebrities and Their Less Famous Look Alike Siblings

I only recently discovered that Scarlett Johansson had a twin brother. He is 3 minutes younger and his name is Hunter.

{Image: Daily Mail}

I also didn’t know that Jessica Alba had a younger brother, Joshua who is just 14 months younger. He’s good looking and has that Johhny Depp look, but somehow those sleepy eyes work better on a girl.  Maybe it’s just the flash that was too bright.  He’s definitely one of the better looking less famous siblings.

{Image: Celebrity Wonder}

Rihanna has two younger brothers, Rorrey and Rajad.

{Image: Wooden Spears}

Brad Pitt has a younger brother Doug, who is 3 years younger, as well as a sister Julie who’s 6 years younger.

{Image: Us Magazine}

{Image: Female First Forum}

{Image: Make My Family Tree}

Megan Fox has an older sister Kristi. In this photo you can see how much Megan looks like her mum.

{Image: Megan Fox Buzz}

Elizabeth Olsen is 3 years younger than twins Mary Kate and Ashley.

{Image: Olsen Twins News}

They also have an older brother, Trent who is 4 years older.

{Image: Skynet}

Zoey Deschanel has an older actress sister Emily who is 3 years older. I think Zoey looks much younger because of her bangs.

{Image: Bones Episodes}

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