Beautiful Brunettes in Magazines: Lea Michele, Megan Fox, Lauren Graham, Katie Holmes & Cheryl Cole

Just my lazy post of the day, of celebrities whom I think have stunningly beautiful faces.

Lea Michele is one of my favourites on Glee. Beautiful plus that voice. She is truly blessed. She was born on August 29th, 1986 which makes her just 24 years old. She looks a lot younger on the show though and can pass off easily for a teen.

{Image: Daily Mail}

{Image: Onsugar}

Everyone seems to hate on Megan Fox but I think she’s so pretty and just says what’s on her mind which is refreshing. She was born on May 16th, 1886 and is the same age as Lea Michele – 24.

{Image: Socialite Life}

I will always think of Lauren are Lorelei from the Gilmore Girls. Her birthday’s on March 16th, 1967 which makes her 43. I need to thank her for making 40-something look so darn good.

{Image: Redbook}

Some day I will rewatch Katie Holmes in Dawson’s creek. Born on December 18th, 1978, mum of Suri is 31.

{Image: Socialite Life}

I don’t know much about her apart that she’s married to a footballer who did a tiger woods on her. I do know that Cheryl Cole is UK’s sweetheart and her dimples really work on her stunning face. Her birthdate is June 30th, 1983 making her just 27. I actually though she was older as she seems very mature and sophisticated. She’s quite tiny too, like Lea Michele and just an inch taller at 5ft 3inches (1.6m)

{Image: Amygrindhouse}

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