September the 11th, 2001: I Watched in Disbelief

When B called me to tell me that a plane had hit a building in New York, I thought it was probably a small craft that has accidentally brushed a building. I didn’t even think there would be any injuries. Even when watching the news on TV, the seriousness of it didn’t dawn on me. I thought all the people would be evacuated. I never imagined a single life would be lost. The whole thing was surreal and horrifying as it unfolded. When the building came down in smoke I could literally feel my heart dropping. It almost felt like a dooms day, and that I was witnessing the most terrible day in history. In my lifetime.

I can’t even imagine the nightmare the people directly affected by these atrocious acts of terrorism must be going through. The video below might be disturbing as it’s of news events unfolding on the day itself. It’s a reflection of how our world went from a relatively safe zone for civilians to one where everything changed and we lost our previous sense of comfort and ease. What made the whole thing even more surreal was the horror and disbelief experienced by the journalists. It was a scary night for me even though I was far away on the other side of the earth. On that day, many people of the world were connected, no matter where you were. You could just feel a collective people in mourning.


Warning: this might be too upsetting and traumatic to watch for some. It’s just that no matter how many times you see the footage it is still as chilling and haunting. I think this was part of a documentary shown on TV – 102 minutes that shocked the world.

It’s really sad today that children born after the Millenium will be desensitized to the horror of terrorism with all the increased security that comes with it. When I was a kid this was a totally unfathomable thing. It’s scary when you’re dealing with the unknown. But what I truly admired and at the same time was deeply heart wrenching, was the extreme courage of the people and I am drawn in by the story of the heroic people on that one plane where they thwarted the attempts of the terrorists and prevented a worse disaster. I can’t even imagine that I would have had the presence of mind to do what they did.


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6 Responses to September the 11th, 2001: I Watched in Disbelief

  1. mct88 says:

    thanks for posting. i remember that day very vividly and the weeks to follow. i also got to visit 9/11 spot when i went to NY last year.

  2. jazziefizzle says:

    Wow you weren’t wrong when you said that was disturbing. I forgot how much the footage really affected me, as I have been to the WTC and attended a seminar in one of the towers. I remember my mum waking me up for school and she was crying (she is a new yorker and has friends who worked in the building who thankfully got out ok) and had the news on the radio (we didn’t have a tv) and it was so chaotic I couldn’t figure out what had happened.

    I can’t believe it has been 9 years…

  3. thinkpinktoo says:

    If you have a spare two hours – I just can’t resist a good consipracy theory but they do bring up some interesting points in this documentary.

  4. bookjunkie says:

    conspiracy theories fascinate me as well…..thanks….will check it out

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