#58. You Won’t Suffer from Chapped Lips or Cracked Skin

Every time I travel to a temperate country my lips tend to crack. In Singapore I don’t need to apply anything and my lips are fine. That’s the silver lining when it comes to humid weather. People with skin conditions claim that they get cured when they come to a tropical climate.

The skin on my legs also tend to feel extra dry and scaly (like a reptile) when I am in dry weather. Since I hate using oily moisturizers, I am thankful for this aspect of our humidity. The moisture in the air kissing your skin is a great reason to be happy in Singapore.

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4 Responses to #58. You Won’t Suffer from Chapped Lips or Cracked Skin

  1. jazziefizzle says:

    the trick for chapped lips is papaw ointment! it is seriously a miracle cure! But yes I noticed the difference while living in London as compared to Australia. The dry winds wreck havoc on your lips!

  2. kierstens says:

    unless you work in a Singaporean office…aka icebox hehehe

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