Starletshay Brings You Japan

I just adore Starletshay’s videos. She’s so cute, chirpy and wholesome. Starletshay is from Hawaii and she’s now in her place of origin, Japan to bring you snapshots of the country through her cute little entertaining videos. Her profile says she’s doing her PhD in Tokyo.

The only problem is YouTube videos take quite a while to load, so it would be great if Travel Channel gives her a show already. In this new video she presents her love for everything Rilakkuma.

Before I went to Osaka, I saw a couple of her videos and they were really useful in sussing out what to do and what not to miss.

If I ever go to Japan again, I will be checking out her video guides for sure. It’s so much better to see a country through real ordinary people, so maybe it’s better this way than through a travel show in which she won’t have full editorial control. Just like I love reading blogs rather than the mainstream news channels for information.


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  1. StarletShay says:

    Thanks for watching and enjoying my videos! ^__^ v

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