I Don’t Have the Guts: National Unfriend Day

Did you ever wish that you had not accepted so many friends on your facebook page? Well Jimmy Kimmel has come up with a National Unfriend Day. He says that Facebook cheapens the beautiful thing we call friendship and I have to agree. If you feel the same way, you just have to watch this.



I am just not brave enough. Don’t like to hurt people. But on the other hand I have ignored a friend request of someone I don’t need in my life as they are toxic and bring out the worst in me. Basically this person was a horrible meanie, so I can totally live with that and am glad I did it.

Have you ever been unfriended yourself? Well, I have. It was by a young relative whose new girlfriend starting posting all over his page. I think he just felt he needed his privacy, so although I was a little sad at first, I understood it. He basically unfriended all the adults or relatives which if you think about it, makes total sense for a teenager. I think most of his relatives probably don’t even realize that they have been unfriended. They will now.

I hardly go into Facebook anymore. My partner is even better, he wants to close his account due to lack of privacy issues, but I asked him not to, just because. The main people I want to communicate with, I do with email as well. Mostly my relatives and closest friends. I think Facebook is most useful for keeping in touch with family who lives abroad. It allows me to feel close to them even though they are far away. Right now my family is in Europe, but they send me messages when they get internet access which is so nice.

But you know, I do get so tempted to look at random status updates and photos. At times like that I can feel like quite the Facebook stalker. It’s quite a drain on time though and I feel it becomes another bad habit of mine. Anyone else guilty of this? I hope many people, so I don’t feel like the only weird one.

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6 Responses to I Don’t Have the Guts: National Unfriend Day

  1. lynnette-net says:

    hahhaa yeahh national unfriend day! 😀 actually i don’t think the people you want to ‘unfriend’ would know they’re being ‘unfriend’ unless they track you? i’ve ‘unfriended’ a few people before and ignored some friend requests, for the same reason as yours 😀

  2. Teri says:

    At one time I had accepted all kinds of random friend requests (people I had not seen or spoken to in 15 years, etc.) and then I just thought, “This is dumb. I don’t need all these people knowing what I’m doing .” Not that I’m sure anyone cared that much, but i it just seemed like overkill. So I went from 300 friends down to 125 in a single evening. It felt empowering! I like the National Unfriend day idea. LOL

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