10 Things You Didn’t Know About Freddie Mercury

Kay Patke of Clash Music has come up with a brilliant list on the anniversary of the singer’s death in 1991.  Freddy would have been 64 today. These are a few of my favourites from the list. You can view the whole fascinating list of trivia at Clash Music.

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1. Even his official passport read ‘Frederick Mercury’, despite the fact that his birth name was Farrokh Bulsara. Calling him anything but Freddie would not be well received, however – he started using the name ‘Freddie’ prior to ever arriving in England, and ‘Mercury’ when Queen first started.

2. Mercury didn’t consider himself a particularly great pianist. As a result, he always dreaded performing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in concert because he worried he would mess up on the piano in the process. In future years, he started using the piano less on albums so he would be free to dance and run wildly during concerts……

6. After boarding a flight to New York from Tokyo one day, Mercury discovered the plane was a DC10, a model that had had some problems in the past. “DC death more like!” Mercury remarked, before immediately gathering his things, exiting the plane, and taking the only available seat on the next flight fourteen hours later – economy class, as opposed to his First Class seat on the DC10……

8. Mercury loved his cats, so much so that while on tour, Mercury would periodically call home to talk to them. His one-time girlfriend and long-time close friend Mary Austin would hold the cats up to the phone so they could listen to him speak. He also had portraits painted of them…..

I had no idea the brilliant song writer with the amazing vocals was insecure about his piano playing, or that he adored cats.

Did you know that the two greatest singers and entertainers of our time met and collaborated? Who would have thought – Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson together. That’s just too much talent in one place!

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  1. Love this guy…so talented. Bono performed for him when he was in his last days of life…he sang “In a Little While”…a beautiful song.
    Thanks for the post

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