I think Facebook is Impersonal: Anti-social media? (via Newspaper to New Media)

This affirms why I quit Facebook and I just had to reblog this excellent post.

You’ve just got to watch the video of the woman in the glass house (an incredible social experiment) who is just fed up with what technology is doing to our interactions with people. She feels that although we seem more connected, we are actually more disconnected and isolated with increasing dependance on technology. I feel absolutely the same way. Somehow our interactions through devices like Facebook are just less personal. It’s a bit scary that kids these days grow up living and breathing this technology.

She shares one of my pet peeves. People who are constantly texting or checking their phones during a meal.

Could you communicate only through Twitter, Facebook and video chatting with your friends and loved ones for 30 days? One Portland, Ore., woman is in the process of finding out. Cristin Norine has embarked on a 30-day Public Isolation Project to learn how technology walls people off even while connecting them. Norine, who is living in a small storefront, in complete public view, will only communicate via technological-based forms of communication … Read More

via Newspaper to New Media

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