8 Reasons Why I Switched to WordPress

Found this cool infographic at TechKing and it confirms to me that I am on the right blogging service. It’s good to know that WordPress is ranked by Google as the number 1 blogging service.

I started off with blogger, but these are the reasons I am glad my cousin got me blogging on WordPress instead:

1. WordPress has so much more in terms of Themes

2. You can always look forward to new themes and features

3. An addictive stats charts I check too often

4. The ease with which I can add new subscriptions when I stumble upon a blog I like

5. Once I subscribe I get delivered new posts each day under a cool tab

6. I also love reading Freshly Pressed articles that instantly grab my attention

7. Fresh falling snow for Christmas!

8. Super duper spam blocking


There’s just one little thing I wish for this Christmas from WordPress.  Unlimited free photo uploading space.

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5 Responses to 8 Reasons Why I Switched to WordPress

  1. J says:

    Oh yes! WordPress!

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