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Lola sounds like any normal teen, loving Harry Potter and all. She sounds humble and very down to earth considering her celebrity status. I love how she owns her dorkiness, because I am an extremely dorky 40 something myself. I was curious so I checked out her blog post. Anyway this blogging by Lola is the best marketing scheme they could have come up with – she has over 60 comments already:

So sorry I haven’t written in a while but I have been a bit consumed with masses of school work like ALLL THE FREAKING TIME. I Hope you all are well and had a GOOOOOD thanksgiving and ate your body weight in turkey.

I ate at about 6:30pm and was full until 12noon the next day, so yeah that was good fun. TURKAY!

I’m in L.A right now hanging out with my friend, we’re both sitting on my bed trying to find something cute to say, in case you all haven’t noticed I don’t spew rainbows, its more like frogs and stuff.

I don’t know if any of you know this, but I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I just finished the 7th book for the second time and I am currently reading the 1st book for the 3rd time.

I legitimately know all of the spells and have written a crapload of them down . Yes. Its very sad I know. I recently went to the Deathly Hallow premiere which was INDEED a vair vair LOL experience and the movie is BITCHIN’ I went with a couple of my friends and we met Mr. Ronald Bilius Weasley AKA gingerkins

And also Hermione Granger.


I don’t know if any of you saw my hair yet but its mad dark right at the moment, I’m almost sick of it and now I want royal blue hair but not a streak, like my entire head. I’m sure if I get that hair color I’ll be sick of it after about two weeks. I am recovering from getting a second piercing in my ear. I’m not going to be all cool and say I wasn’t scared but I was. I was crapping myself . I mean like, ok im getting another hole in my head. Also my brother didn’t help, he was there with me and was telling me all of these horrifying things about how my ear was going to blow up and how they were going to pierce it with a spear. It was just ..yeah.

I’m sitting here watching SPY KIDS2,yeah I’m cool. Taylor Momsen is so damn cute in that movie cuz she’s like 4 years old!!

MUSIC WISEEEE I never really took a great interest in Katy Perry’s but I listened to her album and it is quite awesome. I laaaaav her new song “Last Friday Night”. It sounds like an interesting experience to have one day If y’all don’t know what I’m talking about, listen to the song.

I read this blog aloud to my mother and she is sitting here staring at me with no expression on her face, as if she doesn’t approve of it! So now you all know what I have had to put up with for the past 14 years of my life

Also I might have forgotten to tell you all but I learned how to do a herkie , I’m not entirely sure if that’s the spelling but yeah!

It’s a cheerleader move and its mad hard and you look extremely stupid if you don’t do it right so I suffered about two months of humiliation

If you don’t know what it looks like, im sure its on youtube.

For now I bid you all farewell,



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