Thaipusam in Singapore

As a little kid, I recall watching the Thaipusam ceremony and I could not bear to look at the piercings up close. As a child of 5, I was also a little fearful to watch devotees in a trance. I am glad I got to experience this incredible religious procession. I was in awe of the devotion and faith. I saw devotees with all those painful piercings smiling. It definitely showed me that the mind is more powerful than you think. I believe it can heal the body or can make you ill. I notice that when I am happy I hardly fall ill, but when am distressed I always do. The ceremony was a powerful example of he power of faith.

I haven’t witnessed a ceremony in ages, but I was floored by the incredible photography of bloggers, Jeff and Flora. You just have to check them out. I am amazed at how close they got to the devotees. Just a warning – they are not for the faint-hearted. More photos and coverage from blogger Go with the Ebb. Isn’t it great when bloggers cover events you couldn’t make it to? So much more interesting than reading about it in the newspapers. Blogs are just so much more personal.

Thaipusam also appeared on Huffington Post. Devotees make a promise to Lord Murugan to fulfil this penance when their prayers are answered. Children and female devotees carry milk pots on their heads.

With all the new regulations about Thaipusam I was worried that our country would lose one of the last authentic ceremonies left. This Hindu ceremony celebrated by mainly the Tamil community, just won’t be the same without cymbols and drums. Would we have to end up going to Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur to view it in the future? Not many people know that Thaipusam is outlawed in Indian and can only be viewed in Singapore and Malaysia.

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4 Responses to Thaipusam in Singapore

  1. floramoreno says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I enjoyed witnessing this festival and am looking forward to shooting it next year.

  2. I had to google Thaipusam on youtube so I could see what t it was. Truly amazing!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Sometimes I take the ceremonies in my country for granted. It’s pretty cool to have 4 distinct cultures all blended in one little country. Since I started blogging I am started to appreciate them even more. The expat bloggers in my country have taught me to.

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