Kyoto Tonkotsu Ramen: Men-ichi at Northpoint

I wanted to enjoy this meal. I really did. But the ramen broth had the strongest taste of bamboo. I ordered the mini tonkotsu ramen. As you know, bamboo is on my list of foods I don’t care for. But then even my partner who likes bamboo shoots (ugh) thought the broth was dilute and the miso base was not strong enough. The noodles were not dense and chewy the way I like it. Even the boiled egg disappointed me.

The tuna mayo inari which I ordered looked dry when it arrived, but it was tasty -thank goodness. I think I am addicted to wasabi and soy sauce the way I am addicted to iced lattes.

The waitstaff left red and blue chips on the table and we were supposed to drop them in boxes at the counter. One box said – met expectations and the other said did not meet expectations.  With the staff all looking at me, guess where I put my chips?  I think this type of survey just doesn’t work.  The same thing happens at the movie theatre ticket counters where you’re asked to rate the service right in front of the person serving you. Even if the service was average you would put excellent just to not ruin their day. I have to add that without a booth seat the place feels really squeezy. Sometimes if a restaurant is really crowded, but they only offer the booth seats to big groups, I’d rather not dine there? After all when you dine, it’s not just for the food, but the whole experience. Do you feel the same way? I decided to search for other reviews to see if I was being fair. Blogger Quirky Chic seems to have had a good experience at the Nex outlet.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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2 Responses to Kyoto Tonkotsu Ramen: Men-ichi at Northpoint

  1. 365days2play says:

    The idea was good but the execution failed. Did they seriously expect candid feedback? It’s quite dumb I feel! Or maybe it’s management’s idea and the staff have no choice but to stand there to make sure you put in positive feed back or their pay gets docked or something.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I have a strong feeling about that. Yeah because the staff were watching from the front and even from behind. If they really wanted to do this they should have little slots at the table itself.

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