Celebrity Baby Fashionistas

Don’t you wish you were a little girl again and could dress this cute? All the photos are from Celebrity Baby Scoop and Just Jared where I get my celeb fix.

Ellen Pompeo with cutie in pink, Stella Luna.

{Image: Just Jared}

I adore Suri Cruise’s fushia headband.

{Image: Celebrity Baby Scoop}

And she’s a trend-setter with her hot cocoa from Starbucks and pink rain boots.

{Image: Just Jared}

She tests lipsticks too!

{Image: Just Jared}

With her doting dad at the library.

Honor Warren is too cute in her beanie and frilly dress.

{Image: Celebrity Baby Scoop}

And her own red polka dotted luggage. How cute is that?

{Image: Just Jared}

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4 Responses to Celebrity Baby Fashionistas

  1. So adorable! Do you think they know how many people are looking at them? I think Suri knows…

  2. Crystal says:

    I’m a huge fan of dressing my child. I could never pull off her outfits…she was wearing a strawberry shirt, shorts, shoes, and hair ribbon and carried a strawberry shaped purse a few days ago. I LOVE doing that with her…which is why her closet is better than mine currently.

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