This Makes Me So Embarrassed: Library Stampede

This happened today and makes me ashamed to be a Singaporean (just assuming they were all local) and associated with this type of kiasu behaviour. You would think Singaporeans have never seen books before. But sometimes, how can you blame the people when this type of behaviour has been unchecked for years and in fact encouraged? Just an example of how socially ungracious and kiasu some of us can be in this pressure cooker society where we seem to be taught by those in authority to be ambitious and grab what you can before it’s gone and you’re left behind. An authority that says that introducing more competition is good for us and will make us more driven. Sometimes driven equals kiasu when there is just not enough for survival. It’s a terrible philosophy and we are suffering for it.  

The behaviour in question – Pushing and shoving to get into the new library at Serangoon’s Nex mall and then taking stacks of books at a time.  

One person is only allowed to borrow 6 books so they must be using the identity cards of their family members as well. It’s too embarrassing to be hilarious.  

Boy am I glad I wasn’t there to witness this. I would probably would have gotten injured in the stampede!


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10 Responses to This Makes Me So Embarrassed: Library Stampede

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  2. Al says:

    This could also mean Singaporeans share and unsatiable love for knowledge 🙂 Cheer up 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      err…I tend to feel not really. It’s more a case of pure greed and kiasu-ness. I can’t forsee a similar situation happening in Malaysia which is why I think the people there are nicer. It may also be a case of scarcity. In Singapore there is just too little to go around and way too much pressure.

      • Al says:

        Oh… I didn’t know life is constantly under extreme pressure in Singapore (the weather was always good, and everyone was so kind when I was there). From the smiles, it is difficult to imagine the stress your countrymen/women have to put up with daily… I really don’t know what to say :'(

  3. 365days2play says:

    Hahaha it’s hilarious. Didn’t know this happened! I suppose it’s a crowd mentality. Don’t think anyone intended to rush like this, until the 1st person started it off.

  4. kirsten says:

    This boggles my mind. Why would there be a stampede in the library? Do they really need all those books, like, RIGHT NOW? How can they even read them all?

    If it were like a new $2 store giving our freebies perhaps I’d understand… but a library?!

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