Charlie Sheen is Winning Me Over

I criticized Charlie Sheen when I first saw the now world famous ABC interview finding him super egotistical, but now I am just in awe. Guess I’m no longer a troll? According to his definition anyone against him is one. I guess there’s a fine line between ego and confidence and confidence can be darn attractive.

I can’t believe I just admitted that I am impressed, but I guess I am one among many going by his sold out concert where he is not even singing or performing, but just going to reveal the truth. It’s the violet torpedo of truth/defeat is not an option tour and I would have loved to witness this. It looks like he could be a great motivational speaker for people who are down in the dumps to turn their lives around.

Charlie Sheen took a bad PR situation and made it good for himself. Literally harvested the silver lining around that dark cloud. Who would have thought? I wish I could do that. He really is duh, winning. Selling the T shirts too! I don’t even think he’s on drugs anymore and perhaps he’s doing all this tongue-in-cheek knowing that the dough is rolling in. Another part that appeals to me is just the concept of winning among the bullies and in Sheen’s view he was wronged by his bosses. Hollywood head honchos are notorious for being mean.

I also love that he doesn’t use the usual swear words and has brought back the 80’s. Made the 80’s cool again with words like dude, gnarly and radical.

Anything put on auto-tune is infectious and this one especially so. Just cracks me up. Love the
I’m bi-wining bit”. On a side-note, that ABC interviewer has the most gorgeous eyes. It’s amazing that he’s not distracted.

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  1. You’re going to his concert?! Oh, please tell us all! I have to hear this! (ps he’s not distracted with the interviewer because he has a porn star and a goddess waiting at home…)

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