I am Super Excited: It’s My SITS Girls Day

SITS is a wonderful blog community just for women and I feel truly blessed and lucky to be featured today. There are over 8000 women just like us on it.

And it’s true. The Secret IS in the Support.

I love how I’m directed to the wonderful blogs of women who just love to write and express themselves. I also want to thanks everyone who commented. It means the world to me that you took the time to drop a note and slowly but surely, I hope I get to every one of your blogs.

Today I also learned how to copy the screenshot. B taught me after seeing these dismal photos that I took of my screen with a camera.

Basically you need to hold down 3 keys. This is for iMac users.  Command, shift and number 4.  Then the cursor will change into a little box and you can then block the area you want to convert into a picture.  I was so excited that I can now finally do this.

Before: blurry image with my camera

photo by bookjunkie

After. Clear screenshot images. I love it when technically unsavvy me learns something new.

photo by bookjunkie

More screenshots as I went a bit crazy after I learnt this new thingy. Also very happy and proud to be featured amongst a great group of women bloggers.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

About bookjunkie

Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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120 Responses to I am Super Excited: It’s My SITS Girls Day

  1. Happy SITS day! Amazing how small the internet makes the world.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thank you!! That’s so true. I love the connection we can now have with women the world over.

      So glad you could comment here because some readers were having trouble logging in and I am totally technically not savvy.

  2. Trudie says:

    Happy SITS day! Going to enjoy reading your posts now!

  3. mizb1996 says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy your day!

  4. Mama Kat says:

    I love it when blogs outside the US are featured! It’s nice to get a different take on what blogging and reading means to someone in another country. Your photos are amazing.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I enjoy blogs from the US and all over the world. I love learning new expressions as well.

      In Singapore we have a mix of British (in schools) and American English (at work) and sometimes I am so confused about the spelling. My spelling sucks anyway so I just use spellcheck.

      Thanks for dropping by Mama Kat 🙂

  5. Chelsea says:

    Happy SITS day! I grew up on a tiny island…there is something so fascinating about the community dynamic that forms when people are stuck together like that.

  6. Laura says:

    Enjoy your special day!

  7. Jamie says:

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing!

  8. BlackEyedDog says:

    Super Happy SITS Day^^
    Greets from Germany =)


    • bookjunkie says:

      I’ve always wanted to visit beautiful Germany. The closet I came to Germany was Adelaide Hills in Adelaide where the photo of the pink roses on the my SITs featured page are from.

      hugs 🙂

  9. yul says:

    wohoo ~

    Happy SITS day from me in Brunei ( yehaww we’re neighbours )

  10. Congratulations on your SITs feature! I hope you enjoy your day in the sun:-)

  11. Tina says:

    I always enjoy finding other international bloggers! I’m in Spain.
    Happy SITS day!

  12. kirsten says:

    Oh wow I’ve never heard of SITS, but I just looked at it and it looks great! 😀 Should probably get into that…

  13. Maria says:

    You’re a star! I hope the exposure brings you lots of new traffic.

  14. Stephanie says:

    Your photos are gorgeous!! And I love screenshots. Us PCers have it easy, just the “Prnt Scrn” button and it’s copied. 🙂

    Happy SITS day!

  15. plumerainbow says:

    congratulations!! 🙂

  16. Allyson says:

    CONGRATS on your SITS day! Enjoy, it’s so fun! Excited to read more of your posts. But, for the record, I couldn’t agree more with you on the whole Wonder Woman thing. That girl they picked is so NOT right. And Wonder Woman will ALWAYS be Linda Carter!

  17. LBDDiaries says:

    Happy SITS day. It really is so wonderful how we can develop e-friendships with people from all over the world! To think, just a few short years ago, this was not even a concept we could imagine!! I enjoy your writing voice.

  18. Elena says:

    I’m so excited to have found your blog. I visited Singapore about 7 years ago and I have LOVED looking through all your pictures and remembering the beauty of Singapore. Really it has been so fun for me! I hope I get to visit again someday.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Elena you’re the reason why I blog. When I travel I love to look at other people’s blogs and photos rather than the usual travel guide books 🙂 So happy you liked the photos.

  19. Kelly says:

    Happy SITS Day!!!!!! Can’t wait to go peek around your blog a bit 🙂 Congratulations!

  20. I love your blog, congrats on your sits day!

  21. Trish says:

    Happy SITS day! I too am a voracious reader. Can’t wait to read all your book recs.

  22. Oh goodness gracious! Now BJ I have to stand in line to leave you a comment. Proud of you girl. Congratulations. Build it and they shall come. 🙂


  23. April says:

    Happy SITS day! Your country looks beautiful! I would love to visit there.

  24. Austin Girl says:

    Happy, Happy SITS Day!! Woohoo!! Thanks for the Mac copy screen lesson. Fantastic. I must try it out. Have a glorious day!

  25. Happy SITS Day! Can’t wait to look around a bit!

  26. Jill of Ark says:

    If lived in Singapore (and as joyfully as you seem to), I probably wouldn’t have bothered to learn little tech shortcuts before today, either. 🙂

    Looking forward to checking out more of your blog.

  27. Happy SITS day! I hope you enjoy your day! I am excited to read more of your posts!

  28. Rene W. says:

    Have a great SITS day – great to see you featured!!

  29. Stopping by from SITS. I am also technically challenged! I’m going to love reading about your life in Singapore. From this Colorado girl, I’m SICK of the snow. You can have it! 😉

  30. ManWifeDog says:

    CONGRATS!!! Happy SITS Feature Day. What a lovely blog you have. So sweet!

    Man Wife and Dog Blog

  31. Broot says:

    Happy SITS Day! 🙂

  32. Madison says:

    Congrats on your SITS day. I love reading about what other people are reading.

  33. omgyummy says:

    Congrats on your SITS day. I’m a food blogger and Singapore is near the top of my list of places I must visit to eat and learn about food. Your favorite list of places post will come in quite handy. As for that warm weather, with the cold wet dreary weather we are currently having in California, I will take some of that warmth if you’re willing to send it my way!

  34. the MRS. says:

    Happy Sits day! I am excited to poke around a bit.

    I lived in Ethiopia for 9 months and LOVED it. I hope to live abroad again. I traveled through Asia (Mainland china, Korea & Japan) a few years back and LOVED the different cultures and people. I imagine Asian culture with a tropical twist would be amazing!

    ♥ c.e.l.i.n.a

    I attempted to style my curly hair. Check it out {HERE}</a

  35. Nichole says:

    Congrats on your SITS day. I enjoyed reviewing your blog. Funny you enjoy the winter, which is one of my least favorite seasons. But I live in Wisconsin and we have a horrible winters. The snow is only pretty after the first snow fall. The remaining snowstorms I can do without. I REALLY love hot and humid weather. Can we trade?


  36. Happy SITS day!
    I am new to the SITS community, but find that it is pretty darn cool.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    I am a “closet” celebrity gossip junkie…Friday evenings are saved for reading my US Weekly from cover to cover!

    • bookjunkie says:

      I guess I am an out of the closet celeb junkie. I love that it’s all free out there on the internet now. And you can get information sooo fast. the lives of celebs just seems so exciting.

  37. EncoreBride says:

    Congrats on your SITS Day, I’ve always wanted to live abroad. Now I can experience that through your blog!

  38. Okay, I have to admit that tip ROCKS. I use a iMac at home and always wondered how to do that.

    I’ve heard many wonderful things about Singapore. So glad to see you featured and give recognition. I can’t wait to read your 40 post. I turn 40 this year myself.

    I love snow too and we don’t see it too often here in Texas either.

    Have a great day! Loved your Elizabeth Taylor tribute; what a gorgeous picture.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I am so glad to pass the word since I am usually so clueless about these kinds of things. I Love to learn though.

      Cool another Fabulous 40 sister….welcome to the club…..41 now seems positively young…not wary anymore.

      the Food in Texas must be yummilicious…..do you get Baby back ribs there?

      That was a photo of Elizabeth I found sooo beautiful….those eyes!

  39. Deidre says:

    I only just learned how to do a screen shot too!

    I used to know, but then I forgot. and then I learned again (wow this is FASCINATING comment material I’m producing).

    Happy SITS day.

  40. lovely blog – congrats on your sits day.

  41. Yay for SITS! I have spent some time in SE Asia, but never made it to Singapore. Looking forward to reading your blog to learn more about your tiny island. I love international blogs!

    • bookjunkie says:

      I love international blogs too….it’s like travelling for free. I especially love blogs with a feminine perspective and I am so thrilled that I get to meet so many women writers through SITS.

  42. Bella says:

    Happy SITS Day! Great blog!

  43. Kristy says:

    Congrats on your feature! I love the clean look of your blog!

  44. Hope you’re enjoying your moment in the SITS sun! Love the look of your blog.

  45. OH!! What FUN to discover a blog by someone in another country (I’m in the US!). and of course, I’m always drawn to the blog section about food, when there is one! So I loved looking at your page about your favorite food in Singapore!! I’ll have to come back when I have more time. Would love for you to guest post sometime with a recipe of one of your favorite Singapore dishes!

    Also loved your 100 Reasons to be Happy in Singapore. Looking forward to coming back and reading some more of those! Hope you’re having a fun SITS day.

    • bookjunkie says:

      The US is sooo awesome. I have only visited Boston and NY and had a very short trip to Orlando. The only reason I don’t go more often is that I’m broke and I don’t like the very very long plane ride.

  46. viviene says:

    Congratulations on getting featured! I’m looking forward to reading more from your blog!! =D


    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks Vivienne….I look forward to travelling to the beautiful Philippines at your blog. I was so disappointed when Philippines did not win the Miss Universe contest this year…was so rooting for Venus.

  47. Tara says:

    Happy SITS day! It tooke me forever to figure out screen shots too. LOL

  48. Sue says:

    Stopping by from SITS. Nice screen shot! Have a great night 🙂

  49. Lady J says:

    Wow bookjunkie.. loads of congratulatory messages.. sending you another one! 🙂 Happy SITS day and enjoy the special moment. Keep on writing what you love for that’s what drawn me to ur blog in the first day! [big virtual hug]

    Now I wanna check out the SITS site too 😉

  50. Sarah Ruth says:

    How exciting to meet a blogger from Singapore! Happy SITS day!

  51. Happy SITS day! Hope it was a great day!

  52. Congratulations on your SITS day!!

  53. mangiabella says:

    Happy SITS day sweet bella, I hope you have a glorious day and I can’t wait to read more of your blog! I’m coming to you from New Mexico and it truly is the Soul of the Southwest here…beautiful mountains, awesome weather (all four seasons) and such lovely laid back people! Keep shining that light, write from all that is within you, and it will call out to everyone who crosses your path.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Feels like I hit the comment jackpot 🙂 It’s a wonderful feeling.

      New Mexico sounds so beautiful….I hope I get to visit one day 🙂

      Thanks for visiting me here and your sweet words

  54. I can’t believe I missed your SITS day! I must have been swamped that day, if I’d seen a blogger in Singapore I would have been over here right away!

    I love Singapore but only managed to visit a couple of times, I really hope to get there again soon. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your life there. I often dream about the afternoon tea at the Halia reastaurant in the Botanic Gardens – I love the Orchid Gardens too.

    I tried chicken floss when I was there and it wasn’t really the most pleasant thing I had in my life – although I’m sure there are better examples than the chicken floss on toast I had at the zoo.

    I hope you had a lovely SITS day and got lots of new followers, I just subscribed and found you on Twitter so look forward to hearing more about your life in beautiful Signapore.


    PS Screenshot on a mac is so much harder than it should be, I can never remember the combination and always end up googling it!

    • bookjunkie says:

      I can’t believe that I have never been to Halia Cafe…seen it but never ate there…now it’s definitely on my To-Do List 🙂

      Don’t really eat much floss except a little bit pork floss as a snack when I was a kid. The sweet spicy kind.

      Yeah that’s so true…wish that it was just a one click thing.

      thank you for coming by Jade…. 🙂

  55. Kate says:

    Happy SITS day greetings from Canada! I’m glad to be introduced to your blog today, it looks like you write about a lot of interesting topics… I look forward to reading more!

  56. Grams says:

    I’m just catching up on my SITS posts before heading out of town for a girls weekend with my daughter, granddaughter, and sister. I’m also a book junkie. I’ll be back to look around more when I have time.

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