Mustafa: Low Crime Doesn’t Mean No Crime

The juvenile in me giggled when I saw the new bright neon sign worn by the security guard outside our little India shopping mall. It’s the mouthful of a slogan by our police department.  You see we hardly get crime in Singapore, so recently when there was shoplifting at Mustafa it became big news.

When you buy something at Mustafa they secure the plastic bag (we’re not green in Singapore yet) with a white plastic cable thingy which is supposed to prevent shoplifting meaning you can’t stuff the plastic bag with more stuff you didn’t pay for – but that cable thing is so easy to slip off. Obviously it didn’t work.

I find that it just makes everything look cheap even if you bought something expensive like an iPad. Once it has that plastic string around it – yup it looks cheap.


photo by bookjunkie

I just realized that the way the photo is shot makes it look like the women is pick-pocketing the security guard! Just an illusion because it’s not her arm.

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2 Responses to Mustafa: Low Crime Doesn’t Mean No Crime

  1. Elena says:

    The low crime is one of the things I love most about Singapore. I felt completely safe wandering around by myself with my 7 month old son. And the pick pocketing angle of the photo is really funny.

    • bookjunkie says:

      That’s the key reason I feel happy in Singapore….so safe to walk at night. Took it for granted till I travelled and didn’t feel at all safe at some places.

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