Blogging about Singapore’s Malay & Arab Quarter

Now that I am finally writing my posts on our Malay/Arab/Muslim Quarter, after taking loads of photos last week, I realize there is so much more for me to explore. I have just covered the tip of the iceberg.

Decided to just go through my photos one by one as a record for myself of this visit. I always imagine that perhaps two decades from now, everything will change and the blog will become a historical record of sorts. So if you’re a 2011 baby and are reading this blog in 2031 I hope you enjoy the now fascinating historic pictures. Pardon the amateur shots, taken with a ‘vintage’ digital camera. Do you still have those anymore?

I don’t even know if the bird population will be the same in the future. Love the red feet of this chubby pigeon. It’s probably been feasting on Nasi Padang like I have.

photo by bookjunkie

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