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People with a Heart: Michelle Lee & Vincent Wijeysingha (SDP)

[youtube]Z6UqE6Ecb7E[/youtube] Michelle feels that working with children rather than money, infinitely more fulfilling. This RGS girl is not an elitist. I like her. [youtube]VZoPH5N2lPU[/youtube] Vincent talks to another Singaporean. Sometimes I think I have blinders on. Especially when I watch … Continue reading

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Video: Poor Dear Aunty at the Rally

I feel sorry for this aunty. She seems so scared, especially when she said sorry in the beginning. Aiyo! Can’t an aunty even eat in peace? At least she was allowed to continue eating after that. She is so cute. … Continue reading

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Video: Dr Ang of SDP Talks about the 2009 Recession, Job Loss & Stress

I can so relate to this. A job is so much part of your identity and it can be devastating to be unemployed. The worries can be intense. Dr Ang also talks about job pay cuts and how this affects … Continue reading

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Grouchy Royal Wedding Flower Girl

Update: More photos of the adorable little girl What I posted earlier: This is just too cute! I don’t blame 3 year old goddaughter of Prince William, Grace Van Cutsem. The wedding was really long and must have totally tired … Continue reading

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Is Princess Beatrice Doing a Lady Gaga with that hat?

At first I went “what is that thing on her head”, but now I think it’s starting to grow on me. At least she’s not boring. This was the most interesting hat at the Royal wedding. Now there’s even a … Continue reading

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SPP Rally Video: Mr Chiam See Tong’s Awe Inspiring Speech

I am always deeply moved when Mr Chiam See Tong speaks. No one who has suffered a stroke would ever work this hard or be this motivated and driven. No doubt that he loves the people of Singapore. He said … Continue reading

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Workers’ Party Rally Video: Low Thia Khiang (Serangoon Stadium)

[youtube]8TlLhHCJf_s[/youtube] I have no doubt in the competency of the Worker’s Party to serve us. Low Thia Khiang even quoted from Lee Kuan Yew’s Hard Truths. He went on to explain why he is contesting in a GRC leaving a … Continue reading

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Not Being Mean….Just Found the Baby Orangutan So Adorable

Tin Pei Ling has too many jibes against her, but I just love the baby orangutan so I could not resist putting this up. Anyway, Tin Pei Ling is better than a lot of ministers out there, but unfortunately she … Continue reading

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Video: Speeches from SDP’s First Rally

[youtube]_2fI4F_0LTc[/youtube] Someone in the audience shouted out, “They don’t live in HDB” in reference to the Ministers. This is what resonated with me from the speeches. I liked the statement “gratitude is not servitude”. I also feel that the Ministers … Continue reading

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Screenshots from the Royal Wedding: William and Kate are Married

Sorry, some are pretty hazy. Exciting but not as magical for me as Princess Diana’s wedding. I did feel nervous for the bride though. Her gown was elegant, but I prefer the cinderella like gown of Princess Diana with the … Continue reading

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