Dr Chee Soon Juan Responds to the Smear Compaign on Dr Vincent Wijeysingha

I have been wanting to blog about other things, but so much has been happening in Singapore and it all relates to the upcoming Elections. As I approach mid life, I am even more passionate about it. I used to be apathetic and ignorant in my youth, but social media has opened up my views. I have never seen so many people hungry for change and for their views to be heard and represented.

Since a blog is a place for me to express my thoughts and vent, I just had to also post this video that touched me. Especially the part where Dr Chee talks about how proud he is of his team. I truly felt the emotion there.

Out of all the bosses I’ve had, the ones whom I respected the most, cared about us on a personal level. I see that here as well. Basic trust and respect, which I wish was practised at all work places. Really practised and not just lip service, or something nice to display on the Corporate website. Sorry I digress.

All I have to say is that discrimination and bullying tactics will never get my vote and that I have the utmost respect for Dr Chee. As a Singaporean, I am always touched by his sincerity and sacrifice. Ask me to sacrifice even a fraction of what he has and I could not do it.


Vincent is of course an amazing candidate. I hope the mean attacks on him end here. According to his Facebook he turns 41 on May 2nd, very close to the Polling Day. In my opinion he is one of the best candidates from Gen X.

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