Video: Speeches from SDP’s First Rally


Someone in the audience shouted out, “They don’t live in HDB” in reference to the Ministers.

This is what resonated with me from the speeches. I liked the statement “gratitude is not servitude”. I also feel that the Ministers are out of touch because they don’t regularly take the bus or MRT for instance. If they do, and I am mistaken, they should advertise it at the rallies. That would make a huge difference. I too agree that our excellent civil servants run this country and they won’t just quit because the Opposition comes into parliment. PAP and Civil servants are separate and I think people often don’t think about this.


There are many things that PAP has done well, like our transportation network and the beautiful surroundings. There is no denying this. But I still feel they are out of touch and there needs to be competition between parties and for our voices to be heard. I just feel that a monopoly situation is never good and it has been a monopoly for far too long.

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