People with a Heart: Michelle Lee & Vincent Wijeysingha (SDP)


Michelle feels that working with children rather than money, infinitely more fulfilling. This RGS girl is not an elitist. I like her.


Vincent talks to another Singaporean.

Sometimes I think I have blinders on. Especially when I watch videos like this one. Although I have seen people fighting over tin cans at the hawker centre and selling tissues, I never really stopped to actually think about how they live. Even after I have bought the 3 packets of tissues they sell for a dollar, I feel very ashamed and guilty.


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  1. Al says:

    The project to capture poverty on film is heart wrenching. I’ve never seen those in Singapore before… not even tissue peddlers :'( And, especially no digging through garbage bins along busy streets (where the uncle was looks like Ngee Ann, if my memory doesn’t fail me). It is very very shocking and emotional :'(

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