SPP Rally Video: Mr Chiam See Tong’s Awe Inspiring Speech

I am always deeply moved when Mr Chiam See Tong speaks. No one who has suffered a stroke would ever work this hard or be this motivated and driven. No doubt that he loves the people of Singapore.

He said we believe in treating everybody like grown-ups and in order to make democracy work we must have transparency and accountability.

Mr Chiam speaks slowly, but commands my full attention. There was wonderful humour as well.

He mentioned Wong Kan Seng and that it was in his charge that Mat Selamat escaped. He added that with Mat Selamat’s escape there was danger and that Wong Kang Seng did not take full responsibility.

He says I am not actually a brave man, but I love Singapore and I love Singaporeans. Who can not love this man.

I see all alternative voices as one, the goal being, to be the voice of the ordinary person.

Also watch an earlier rally with Lina Chiam his wife who appeals for more opposition voices in parliment. She is quite endearing and reminds me of my mum.

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