Greenbegger Supermarket

What an unusual name for this supermarket which is right smack in the middle of Geylang. Specifically 527 Geylang Road.

I do like green bean soup.  It’s a kind of pea actually. This is what they use to make it.

photo by bookjunkie

This dodol or what they call durian cake is from Thailand.

photo by bookjunkie

This small supermarket was neat and well organized, although the part where they sold fish was pretty stinky.

photo by bookjunkie

Various types of instant noodles and pickles from China.

photo by bookjunkie

Agar agar is what we refer to as hard jelly. As kids we referred to the other type as wobbly jelly – because it wobbles? I like both types. For hard jelly I like it rose flavoured, and for the jello I like cherry.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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4 Responses to Greenbegger Supermarket

  1. I really like the 4th picture with the long shelves stretching toward a vanishing point–a classic study in perspective (and a very colorful one at that).

    –J.A.Robinson. My humorous photoblog:

  2. What I love about your posts in Singapore is how international it is. I love how Singapore combines so many cultures. It’s truly beautiful.


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