Plaza Singapura: The Society Cafe

Didn’t want to stop here as it looked completely empty and I wondered if the coffee was any good. In the end I am glad I stopped to try it. The coffee was so much better than Starbucks and was similar to what I tried at one of the new boutique cafes like Shots. The wait staff here is so laid back and nice as well. I like a place that is not ‘atas’ (Singlish for snooty). Compared to this Cafe Latte the one at Starbucks just tastes too milky. Maybe it’s all down to the way the beans are roasted? I am not sure myself. It was also cheaper than Starbucks at S$4.80 a glass, although the portion size was smaller. It’s good that smaller outlets are cropping up all over the place as people seem to be getting more discerning about coffee. That, and we’re all addicted to the stuff.

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The coffee art was a nice touch.

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We didn’t realize that water is provided for free as well. But sparkling water with lemon is nice.  This was 3 bucks.  Sometimes we have to buy something as ‘rental’ when you want to spend some time sitting at a cafe.  I guess it’s only fair.

What’s not fair is students who buy one drink and hog 2 other seats with their bag and books, and sit there for more than 4 hours.  But I also am aware that the libraries are way too crowded as well. Our kids have no real place to study if their homes are too noisy.

We really should have a separate building just for study facilities and cubicles as there really is a need for this.  Maybe a place just for students, that’s conducive for studying with separate rooms where they can conduct their group discussions?

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This place is spacious and most people we found were sitting in the section with the sofas.

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A good place to read, write or chat with all that natural light and generously spaced out tables.

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It’s really like a sort of floating cafe.

photo by bookjunkie

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