View from the Car Window: The Drive from Serangoon to Balestier

Cool watery skies. Love it.

photo by bookjunkie

The lone shocking pink shophouse adds a splash of interesting.

photo by bookjunkie

A bit of history. The National Aerated Water Company was founded in 1929. The company introduced Sinalco which happens to be my mum’s favourite drink. I didn’t know that it was a fizzy drink from then West Germany. In 1952 the company obtained exclusive rights to bottle and distribute it in Malaya and Singapore.

RIght now it’s a very cool looking, unused factory. They really should turn this place into a museum of sorts. A museum of bottled drinks from the 50’s and 60’s would be just wonderful, don’t you think?

photo by bookjunkie

Is this what they mean by increasing productivity? Use of machinery to make jobs more productive? But then the cleaners who don’t know how to drive would be out of a job. If only they could provide those same workers subsidized retraining instead. Won’t they then be displaced totally? I wonder what becomes of them. I did see some workers with leaf blowers – maybe they do that instead. Blowing all the leaves into piles instead of cumbersome sweeping, which the machine can then suck up.

photo by bookjunkie

I liked the contrast of the yellow of the flats against the deep green of our tropical trees.

photo by bookjunkie

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2 Responses to View from the Car Window: The Drive from Serangoon to Balestier

  1. 365days2play says:

    A museum of bottled drinks is a fantastic idea! I would be the 1st to go! And not only that, they should have like a cafe or something dispensing all these once upon a time drinks!
    You know I was at the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta, it was great. There was this coke fountain where you could taste coke from various parts of the world. Yes apparently they do tweak the formula somewhat. And there was this machine dispensing souvenir coke bottles with real coke (can drink) for 50cents each!

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