Feeling Germy

I went to see the doctor for a totally unrelated thing and went home and soon after was down with a fever and flu. I think my immunity must be pretty weak, but that’s why I try to avoid visiting clinics unless it’s absolutely necessary. We always have to end up waiting for at least an hour. I have tried visiting empty clinics where there is no queue, but the doctors tend to have horrible bedside manners and prescribe ineffective medications. That explains the lack of a queue, I guess. That’s the conundrum for the time being. I am quite sure the waiting time is much longer in other countries just going by what I’ve seen in TV shows. Is that a true reflection?

I also wonder if I could have picked up the germs reading the magazines in the clinic. Although I do wash my hands pretty often. I sound like such a germaphobe right now.

It could also be that the weather has been so ridiculously hot recently (global warming), that going from the coolness of air-conditioning to the blast of heat outside could have triggered it off.

What’s your experience with clinics in Singapore? Would love to hear as I sneeze my head off.

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11 Responses to Feeling Germy

  1. So sorry you’re under the weather! Feel better soon!
    The new trend in the US is little clinics in the grocery stores and pharmacies. It is really convenient and they accept insurance or cash. (a recent visit cost $60.00 when my daughter was sick and the antibiotics were free) They are run by nurse practitioners (MUCH better bedside manners than most doctors) and we didn’t have to wait at all.

    Temps inside and out can’t make you sick, it’s the bugs that do.

    Sounds like you need to boost your immunity!

  2. yAnn says:

    Aww get well soon!
    my favourite GP is very popular because he takes the time to explain things to you and is very patient. However, that also means I have to wait up to an hour just to see him. Not fun when you are keeled over in pain.

  3. plumerainbow says:

    Dear bookjunkie, get well soon!

  4. bonnie says:

    i don’t recommend soups, I don’t know why ppl keep telling you to drink soup…sleeping and bumming do it for me, and a can of cokie with ginger plz

  5. 365days2play says:

    Hope you are feeling better now? I like to eat a lemon or 2 when I think I’m going to fall ill. Think the vitamin c helps. Most GPs near my place don’t have that long a queue, max wait is about 15 mins? I’ve encountered good and bad docs regardless of queue. In general, I don’t trust doctors too because I believe in self healing. Medication only numbs the symptoms but they are not a cure.

  6. Crystal says:

    We’ve had fairly good luck with private doctors/hospitals in SG. But the few times I’ve been to more public docs/hospitals (the ones with the giant “this number being served” in lights over the door) it’s been a truly awful experience.

    In the US, you can wait for a while, up to an hour but the wait rooms are clean, have magazines and comfier chairs.

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